I was reading yesterday and came across the question “Do snakes have ears?” Not knowing much about snakes, I found this interesting. Snakes have no ears, but why?

Most snakes have no real sense of hearing. They can sense vibrations, but they have no ears. In the natural realm, serpents are just another creature. Yes in the spiritual realm they represent darkness. In the spiritual realm, faith is.inked to hearing. Snakes have no ears to hear, so the enemy doesn’t live by faith.

The enemy attacks in the realm of no faith. He wants you to doubt- doubt God’s goodness faithfulness, provision. When you give in to doubt, then discouragement, anger, anxiety, and the propensity to sin comes. This is seen clearly in the Garden of Eden to the temptation of Messiah.

You defeat the enemy by faith. It is written in the Bible that when the flaming arrows of the enemy comes you way, you’ll extinguish them by the shield of faith. When that though of discouragement, anxiety, doubt, bitterness, or temptation comes your way, lift up the shield of faith.

Stand by the Word of God. Hold to His love. Declare His goodness. The serpent is deaf, but you are not. Use your advantage. Stand by faith and crush the serpent underfoot.