Focus On The Good

I have learned to believe that our thoughts control our reality.

I believe that we can manifest pretty much anything in life if we believe in it, and truly believe in it, not just say we believe it.

This isn’t always the easiest thing to do or does it happen overnight. But, if we focus on feeling the way we would feel if you did. If you have X without having it, if we focus it might become a reality for us.

This hold true for when you want something we might not currently have, but when we already have that in which we desire. Don’t just forget about the feelings once you feel happiness, but keep focusing on it. Don’t lose sight of it.

When you focus on the good, the good things get better. -Abraham Hicks

It’s not to say that if you focus on the happy and the good that you’ll never have a unhappy or bad day or moment. That’s not the case at all. Life is full of ups and downs, and it’s important to embrace both the good and the bad. If we focus on the greatness, it’s just going to get better. It will continue to manifest itself to us in one way or the other. Don’t for once take it for granted. Focus and keep feeling those feelings. Fell the feelings deep within yourself.

As much as it would be nice if life was just full of only great moments, we likely wouldn’t grow very much if that were the case. We might not be able to fully appreciate the good if we ever never had to experience the not so good. We become stronger and wiser from the less than ideal moments in our lives, so when we fully embrace both the good and bad. We should fully embrace it.

It’s important to allow ourselves to feel the bad, feel it, accept it, understand it and move on from it. Don’t resist the bad things it help us to grow. And when the good happens enjoy it, embrace it, feel gratitude for it, and focus on it.

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