Sar Shalom

Shalom means Peace in Hebrew.

The tiles give to Messiah: “Sar Shalom.’ But more than that it means “Prince of Shalom,” Prince of fullness, wholeness, completion, perfection, well-being, and prosperity. “Sar” means master or ruler.

Messiah is the ruler of Shalom. Master of Shalom, “He rules and commands Shalom. If you belong to Him, you are called by His name, so live as a little version of Him, a little ruler of peace, a master of Shalom.

Become an authority on Shalom, one who dwells in it, understands it, uses it, applies it, an expert on Shalom. (peace) You are empowered to become a ruler of Shalom. Messiah ruled Shalom; He commanded it. He said, “Shalom I give to you.”

In the same way, you are to command peace; rule Shalom. No matter what the power of Messiah into it. Whatever you are going through, you have the power to command the Shalom of Messiah upon it. Take up your scepter, act with authority, His authority. You are called to be a ruler of peace, a master of Shalom.

Live in imitation of Messiah, and take authority over darkness, in the power of the Master of Shalom.

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