Filled With The Holy Spirit

Do you ever feel empty? Maybe dry and parched as though you have nothing left to give? You may fill as though you can only afford to give someone a drink if you act have some water to give.

Being filled with the Holy Spirit can be powerful. Our perception of power is Ofern cultivated by the world before we ever walk in the freedom of Christ.

The world teaches us that our measure of power is heavily tried to the outcome. Martin Luther King championed civil rights, Gandhi helped to win India’s independence and Mohammed Ali was the best boxer of all time, but if you’re looking for the story about the guy who died trying to become the next great inventor, athlete or blogger, you’re not going to find it. Given how we’ve been so conditioned to perceive what’s powerful, it’s not hard to understand why we feel so powerless as Christians.

I’ve wrestled with nothing more in my walk with the Lord than a clear understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit. I spendthe first few years as a believer hearing about how more mature Christians had a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit, with a child-like wonder, I’ve decided that someday. I would reach that level of Christianity too.

Power from the Holy Spirit had become an elusive, mystical rite of passage that every “real” Christian was supposed to walk through someday.

Each passing year, I waited patiently (and impatiently ) for my holy “a-ha” moment. Fully convinced that someday I would start break out into prophetic utterances that would have the whole church in an uproar. I would be sitting on the edge of my seat every time a sermon about the Spirit was preached. Hopeful and anxious to respond that would be a warm rush of the spirit I heard so much about.

It’s only happened about 8 times since my pastor told us we can prophesy in the church. I usually hear from the Holy Spirit at home or while driving. Not often in a church environment.

It happens mostly a night or while I’m sleeping, I will sit straight up in bed and know I just heard from him.

I’ve struggled with a lack of luster won’t journey of faith. And I’m sure their are many more Christians that experience the same thing.

My big issue has always been “being still in the Lord.” When during the day, I’m go, go, go. It is not until nighttime that I am still.

Would if our belief that we aren’t filled with the Spirit is more of a result of a biblical misunderstanding? John 10:10 says, “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; I have come that they may life, and have more abundantly.”

Believing that the power of the Holy Spirit is not available to all who He has called doesn’t only fall short of our promised abundant life is unbiblical

Let God fill us up and always be ready to hear from the Holy Spirit. Live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

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