The Paradises Of Hell

I was reading an message by Jonathan Chan. It teaches up a valuable lesson. But only if we heed the warnings.

Hit let promised to usher in a thousand year kingdom of glory for the Aryan people. Stalin promised a workers paradise on earth. Mao, likewise, promised China a people’s paradise. Around 6 million Jewish people perished under Hitler; 9 millions of other nationalities are similarly murdered by the Nazis. Soviet Communism has taken 35 to 45 million lives. And Chinese Communism is responsible for the death of 35 to 64 million people. Why is it that instead of producing hell?

The answer is simple. What links them all together is that they each made the leader, the party, and the state, their god. When you glorify yourself and deny God…. the end of godlessness is death. If God is not the center of what you’re doing, then what you’re doing is empty.

Have we forgotten our past history? Did anyone ever tell you that history repeats itself? The United States want to destroy history. Have you ever wondered why History isn’t being taught anymore?

If you pay close attention to what’s happening in America right now. You can see this is exactly what the Government is wanting to do. Spend some time reading, researching, learning. People are playing right into the Governments hands. They want Communism.

All Propaganda Has To Be Popular And It Has To Accommodate Itself To The Comprehension Of The Least Intelligent Of Those Whom It Seeks To Reach. –Adolf Hitler-

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