Types Of Dreams And Their Meanings

Some people dismiss the idea that dreams can have significance. Others believe that their spiritual meaning in every dream and that all should be interpreted and taken seriously.

I believe their is a balanced Biblical viewpoint that lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

Identifying which type of dreams we have had can help us determine whether to consider a potential meaning in the dream.

Processing Dreams

Dreaming is a normal function of the brain, occurring mainly during the REM stage of sleep.

Have you every noticed that when your worried about something you dream about it all night long? or you watch a scary movie and then have nightmares.

That is your brain processing your dreams.

Some processing dreams we don’t remember at all. And they fade quickly. Unless your a vivid dreamer and then you can easily recall them. Sometimes people refer to unusual dreams as meaningless dreams as pizza dreams.

The garage in garbage out applies to dreams. Whatever we feed our senses and mind with will find expression in our dreams.

Ecclesiastes 5:7 tells us “Much dreaming and many words as meaningless.

If you are uncertain about a dream you’ve had, pray about it. Perhaps it may fit in one of the other dream types.

Prophetic Dreams

I had a situation that I’d been praying for. It was about a young couple I knew that had just had a baby. The an had been abusing his wife and their baby. It had gotten so bad, she had a protective order against him, but he would try to break in the house. The police arrested him. I’ve been praying for God to fix the problem for a couple weeks.

One night I had a dream that the man would leave the state. I felt confident that is was God answering my prayer. In my dream. 3 months later he left and still had fines to pay. He fled the state and has had nothing to do with his wife of child for 3 years now.

“For God may seek in one way, or in another, yet a man doesn’t perceive it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls upon us, while slumbering on our beds, he opens our ears and seals our understanding. -Job 33:14-16-

From the book of Genesis all the way through the Bible, dreams are one way that God speaks to His people.

However, even those who are gifted in the areas of dreams and dream interpretations only has a few dreams that were significant enough to be recorded in the Scriptures.

Joel and Peter mentioned dreams as one manifestation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a,one with prophecy and visions. -Acts 2:17-

There are many ways God uses Dreams in the Bible. Example:

  • Warnings. (Abimilek, Genesis 20:2-8)
  • Revealing destiny and the call of God. (Joseph, Genesis 37:5-10)
  • Importation of a spiritual gift or ability. (Solomon, 1 Kings 3-5)
  • A strategy for provision. ( Jacob, Genesis 31:10)
  • A sign of His presence. (Jacob’s ladder, Genesis 28:12)
  • Guidance. (Paul, Acts 16:9)

I occasionally have dreams that are greater than usual about future events that I feel God is using me to guide me. I think they are to inform me of my life and how to deal with situations when they occur. These are dreams where I awake immediately after them and I’m sitting straight up in bed.

Soul Dreams

Soul dreams reveal emotions, attitudes, or beliefs that we may by trying to deny or repress.

Signs You May Be Having A Soul Dream include:

  • Actual memories resurfacing in your dreams.
  • Vivid emotions that can link to an event, past, present or future.
  • Repeating, or reoccurring dreams.

Soul dreams can indicate a response, such as fear or anger, to an event that is happening at present in our lives, or that we are anticipating in the future. If something from your past is surfacing in a dream, you can be assure that it is ready to be dealt with and God is waiting to bring healing to you.

We should never dismiss soul dreams as being unimportant. They give us insight to our inner world and can be powerful when seen in God’s light.

If you’re having soul dreams that you believe are significant, pray about them and ask God how you should respond. If needed find a mentor or wise Christian council to pray with you and process whatever is coming to the surface. (I call my Pastor)

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