What Do You Feed Your Soul?

A life that feeds your soul is one lived as your best authentic self. A soul-nourishing life offers a very different experience that a soul-starving life. Soul starving leave us overwhelmed, burned out, stressed, depleted of energy, unhappy, disconnected and generally stuck.

Unfortunately too many people live lives that starve their souls that leave a deep void within themselves and lose themselves.

Here are some ways I’ve found to feed souls:

Develop The Courage To Live A Life True To Yourself

To accomplish this you must stop making decisions about how to live based on other people’s expectations or judgements. Instead of doing what everyone else thinks you should do, do what you know you are meant to, what you alone feel is the right thing for you. And feel guided to do.

Living in this manner takes courage, but it allows you to live a life based on fulfilling your expectations for yourself and your souls urging.

Find A Balance Between Work And Play

Most people regret that they spend the majority of their lives working. If you have a career that involves doing your life’s work, your work probably feels like play. Doing meaningful and purposeful work provides a fabulous diet for your soul.

However if your work feels meaningless and your career is busy work rather than life’s work, or if you enjoy what you do but spend most of your time at your work site, life becomes unbalanced. After a while you’ll feel burned out and unhappy and your soul will scream for food.

An example of this is when I graduated, I entered the work field and became a server at the local college, I served athletes from the college I measured and weighed their food for the diets they were required to eat. It really wasn’t feeding my soul, but it paid the bills. Later I was a Nursing Assistant I loved this job I enjoyed helping people. I later worked at a retail store, I absolutely hated. My soul was screaming feed me.

Express Your Feelings

To many of us die without expressing how we feel about the people or situations in our lives. But the soul is fed by expressions of positive emotions like love, joy, gratitude, and passion.

That doesn’t mean we cannot express sadness or anger or other negative emotions. These need to be expressed too, but don’t get stuck in them.

Humans are emotional beings, and too often our souls guides us with deep emotions. Pay attention to what you feel, and express your emotions. Your soul will grow strong and you’ll feel it’s presence more clearly

Allow Yourself To Be Happy

We all have a right to be happy. Sometimes however, we may think we don’t deserve happiness. Or we might choose unhappiness as a way to prove how horrible our life is or to punish the people around you. In the process, unhappiness becomes a habit and we stop enjoying life. Plus you remove one of the primary soul nutrients from your life.

Our souls wants to be happy. Give yourself permission to be happy. If you have to force yourself to be silly things, sing, laugh, or dance, do it. Be happy. Happiness is an elixir for the soul.

Find And Fulfill Your Purpose

Your soul has a purpose. That soul purpose is your way of making a difference in this lifetime.

Sadly, most people feel their lives are meaningless, but our souls long for meaning. The emptiness you feel may come from your soul’s desire for you to do something positive and meaningful in the world, even if it’s on a small scale.

If you don’t know what your soul purpose is, choose a purpose something you feel passionate about that allows you to enjoy of service or do good in the world. You may however, have one purpose is simple like support and taking care of your family, or helping others, it doesn’t have to be a huge task, like finding a cure for a disease. My soul purpose is helping others, it makes me feel good when I can help others, and feeds my soul.

Don’t forget to always take time for yourself, sometimes it may feel selfish but, we all need to renew and refresh ourselves and our soul.

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