Are You A Bridge Builder?

People who bring people together are bridge builders. You find them in all kind of places and in all kinds of circumstances. They are very lovable people who with the very best for other people. They work or do their daily activities and are always looking for ways they can mean something to other people. Bridges connect people.

What Qualities Do Bridge Builders Have?

Bridge builders are people with a big heart who like to see others flourish. They like to see other people be able to take steps that they would move forward and often leave good tips through which the other person can move ahead. I know a lot of people.

When I worked at the recovery center, I watched many bridge builders help people get of drugs. I myself have been a Bridge for these people, as well as adults who have been abused as a child, and helped people get out of domestic violence situations.

How To Recognize A Bridge Builder?

Bridge builders like to help to connect people. They quickly recognize what someone else needs and their minds start searching for ways to help the other person to move ahead. They are the coaches who know precisely what the next step is for someone. They ate never pushy: they just want you to receive happiness. They want it for you. Here are some examples of how to recognize a bridge builder.

A bridge builder knows a lot of people and doesn’t fail to bring people together.

A bridge builder listens carefully and is sincerely interested in how you are doing.

A bridge builder asks questions to find out what they can do for you.

A bridge builder provides opportunities for people to meet each other.

A bridge builder make contact between people possible.

They talk positively about other people.

Bridge builders enjoy it when people find each other.

Bridge Builders Make Good Leaders

There is all kinds of leadership. Bridge builders are often modest, even when their actions can mean a lot of other people. They are focused on other people. They are focused on other people’s happiness and will never drive people away from each other, in contrast to other leaders that speak harsh words about other people; the judge others without looking at the actual background of someone. And the most awful quality some leaders have is the pit people against each other. I get really upset about harsh leaders. Leaders who think they know it all but, in the meantime show discord. I don’t call them leaders I call them alligators.

I would take a bridge builder any day. They make sure that people find each other and connect to each other. They encourage people and make sure that people grow. I like bridge builders and am grateful for what they have meant in society.

, but from my point of view. Most drug addicts have had a horrible childhood and began taking drugs be cover up the pain and got caught up in the vicious cycle and cannot quit on their own.

I meet people every day that are complaining about drug addicts being useless pieces of crap

The same goes with all the stigma around mental illness. Most people have no idea what these people have been through in their life. Have they been abused, raped, torn down by their parents emotionally, were there parents alcoholics or drug users, was there domestic violence in their home.

Most people have no idea what others have been through in people’s lives. They just hate and judge people that aren’t the same as them.

Before You Speak Think

T-is it true?

H-is it helpful?

I-is it inspiring?

Nis it necessary?

K-is it kind?

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