The Value Of Memorizing Scripture

I have been focusing on memorizing scripture lately. I know the Bible in and out, I know how to have morals and values. But I have a difficult time memorizing scripture. Yes, there are a few a can say word for word. But not as many as I would like to.

Jesus said in John 6:63. “My words are Spirit and they are life.” Thing about that for a minute.

The words of Jesus are unlike any other words ever spoken. When the Bible says that “man cannot live by bread alone, but man lives you everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord -Deuteronomy 8:3-, it likens the Word of God to Spirit food. It feeds our spiritual man just like natural food feeds our bodies. This is how we become partakes of Divine nature. This is how we become “the Word made flesh” in the world. -John 1:14-

The apostle James says “receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save souls.” -James 1:21- It’s amazing isn’t it?

The word not only rearranges our thinking to align with ultimate reality, but it also gives us access to an alternate state of being.

Engraftment Scripture into your life so that it becomes a living and active extension of who you are.

Memorize and delight in God’s Word. You can engraft passages on peace in the midst of chaos. Engraft words on faith and fight off despair. Focus on joy or boldness any by doing so you become a partaker of the Devine nature contained in those very words!

By engrafting it into your way of thinking, you begin to interact with and become one with the mind of Christ.

The more you practice this process, the more your renewed mind becomes open words of knowledge, words of wisdom, discerning of spirits or any gift of the spirit.

Life in the spirit is always supernatural but not always spectacular. We all love the stories of healings, miracles, and dramatic public display of God’s Grace. Yet, there is another aspect of supernatural living. Continuous peace and joy will fill your soul as you experience divine appointments and ideas that prosper you, bless others and bring heaven to earth.

Focus on internal transformation and you’ll see results in every area of your life, both subtle and, at time spectacular.

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