Spiritual Meanings Of The Hebrew Letters

I learned about this from my pastor at church. It is very interesting. I thought I would share what I learned.

How many people realize the Jesus was Jewish. So many church’s in America make Him out to look completely different.

Hebrew letters are not just ordinary letters. Each letter is a symbol, full of many inner meanings, from literal straightforward meaning, to deeper spiritual meaning. Understanding the letters provide essential insight into the deeper meanings of the Torah or the Bible.

After studying the letters in depth it is not uncommon for many people to feel that the letters express some direct spiritual communication that goes beyond words. In kabbalistic circles, (A guide to find meaning and purpose In your life) meditation on the letters is commonly practiced to encourage this type of rapport with the letters.

Looking into the deeper meanings of the letter can transform and deepen our learning and can lead us to deeper levels of spiritual experience. Kabbalist will study for many years to realize the great inner spiritual meanings of the letters, so it is important to realize that this one tiny point can deepen to a field of study, which could be followed for a lifetime.

For Example: I’m going to do my name using this method: Kathy

K or Khaf the Hebrew letter means literally the cupped palm of the hand, it is like a cupped outstretched palm, ready to receive. The shape of all containers- a bowl, a cup,a jar, is based on that basic curved shape and Khaf represents the idea of a container. A house is a form that contains the going on of the people inside it; a body is a form that contains the life and energy of the person. It also teaches us to shape ourselves to bend the ego and shape our character.

If you have a K or Khaf in your name. Do you contain worries or negative thoughts? Or do you contain what you most aspire to?

K- a cup ready to receive goodness. It is Paslm 11 in the Bible.

Since the vowels are silence in the Hebrew letters. It is only based on constances.

T- or Teith the literal meaning of basket or nest is the symbol of the good in all creation. It has todo with purity and impurity, teaching us to choose the good, and also the realization that even within the bad things that happen, there is hidden good. Teith also represents femininity. It includes the kindness and mercy of creation and the principle that everything is eternal and nothing is ever lost.

Teith’s essence is feminine, representing the number 9 for 9 months of pregnancy, and shaped like a womb, a spiral, a container where things change and transform. The infinite is contained in Teith and it brings about the finite.

The Teith contains the Hesed or kindness and mercy of creation. It teaches us to distinguish between the good and the bad, and by choosing the good to clean and purify and thereby to do that which is impossible, to erase the bad deed that was done. Nothing is lost, nothing wasted and all is eternal.

It is Psalm 9 in the Bible.

H or Heith is the letter of life. It represents infinite possibilities. It is undifferentiated substance and energy, containing all possibilities that could come into being. Heith indicates the ability of the human to rise and go beyond nature. It is related to the Neshama, the soul. It represents the power of choice which is given by the soul, as well as the qualities of charm and grace in which come from the soul.

Heith is like a revolving gateway, a power to enter a higher level, to enter the mysteries of one’s soul, and return to worldly consciousness. The ancient form of the letter looks like a 🪜 ladder, indicating the ability to go above and beyond limitations. It is the essence of the human being to break through nature, to spiritual realization. It is also in the word for prophecy and wisdom.

Is it Psalm 8 in the Bible.

Y or Yod is a dot or point. The Yod represents the Creature, the single point from which all of creation emerges, and the unity within multiplicity. It is the foundations, the hidden divine spark which caused everything to be. It represents the power of the spirit to govern and guide matter.

Yod is a symbol of the Holy One, the Creator, since the holy name starts with Yod as in Yahweh. The meaning of Yod is great. According to kabbalistic tradition, all of the creation came forth from a single point- a point which represents God’s infinite presence inside of the finite world.

As Yod represents the idea of Unity within Multiplicity of one whole that is comprised of parts. Yod as we see is a single point, but it’s value is 10 it shows us that many grains of sand are used to make one pot, many pages make up one book , many drops of water make up the ocean. There are many occurrences in the world, but they all stem from one God, perfect and indivisible.

It is Psalm 10 in the Bible.

I am planning on having my name in Hebrew spoke over me, by my pastor I sure there is more insight into may name I have not found.

The sight I used for this information was Kabbalah.comHebrew Letters Spiritual Meanings.

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