David’s Prayer For Help

From one season to another, we often return to past pain and disappointments. We can blow them up and magnify them so they seem bigger than they really are. This causes us to wallow in self-pity, become stuck where we are, and cause us to doubt that there’s any hope for the future.

Feeling self-pity can be a subtle issue to detect in ourselves. It is usually attached to a hurt in our heart that needs to be tenderly touched and addressed. If we do not let the Spirit take hold of this area of our lives, we choke our relationship with God.

In Psalm 142:1-7 we see David as an example of how we can resist this in our lives, and handle our past pains with healthy processing and emotion. David was experiencing complete rejection from his own family. The man he looked up to, King Saul, was jealous of Him. Yet he openly and honestly poured out his heart and his raw emotions before God. It feels like a sad and lonely experience for David. No one would blame him for falling into the self-pity pit.

But instead David decided to reach out to God in prayer. He chose proximity over distance, and said to God that He was his for refuge and that was all he ever needed. -Psalm 142:5- David drew near and declared his comfort, provision and strength in God rather rather than In himself.

With everything David went through he consistently poured out his raw emotions before God, and sought an eternal perspective. What ever you face, whatever you are going through, take some time to invite God into your situation, and surrender to His plans and purposes. As we do so, we will experience God’s total peace foster our hearts in His presence, and process our feelings as we give them over to Him first. This is where self-pity releases it’s hold on our lives, as we take hold of God’s unending care and concern for our lives.

So give yourself and your fears fully to God today.

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