Learning To Have Poor Eye Sight

In Genesis 27, it describes the scene where Isaac, the father, is blessing his sons. He wants to bless Esau, but Jacob comes to him in disguise and Isaac ends up blessing him because he has poor eye sight. Because of that he would bless Jacob. Now if he had good eye sight he had seen Jacob for what he was he would not have given him that blessing.

So there’s a key; in order to bless the people in your life that many would have a hard time with, you have to learn how to have “poor eye sight.” You look at them and you see all their faults, and you can’t forgive them, you can’t bless them. But, you know what? If you’re to bless them, you have to have faith not to see, but to seethe blood of Jesus.

God has chosen not to see your sins in the blood of Messiah. The eyes of your heart need poor vision so that you will see only the face of God and you will be a blessing because you are not only blessed by what you see- but by what you don’t

Develop poor eye sight for the faults, shortcomings, weakness, and sins of others.

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