Jesus Heals

After completing His famous sermon on the mount, Jesus came down from the mountain and a leper approached, asking to be made clean. -Matthew 8:1-4- Under the laws of the time, touching this man would have meant defilement, ceremonial uncleanliness, which required ritual purification to regain one’s place in Jewish society. Physical contact wasn’t even necessary, yet Jesus chose to touch the leper anyway, not only to heal him, but also to make him clean.

Though we may not have this man’s disease, each of us approaches God as if we’re leprous, with a sick heart in need of healing. What a joy to know that His presence and His touch cleanses, restores, and sets us free.

The leper bowed before the Lord, saying, “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” -Matthew 8: 2- Jesus stretched out His hand towards the leper and healed him. In the same way, Jesus extends His healing hands out to touch your life today. Whether it’s a physical ailment that needs healing, a relationship that needs reconciling, or a situation that needs restoring, Jesus extends His hand out to you and invites you to receive His touch.

I have to admit I never would have ever thought this was possible. But I’ve seen it in my own life, as well as others. With God all things are possible.

As you read this, do you find it easy to receive His healing hand? Are you confident that because you are in Jesus, you are worthy of God’s receiving touch! Your answer to these questions will determine how confident and comfortable you are, drawing near with your hurts, hang-ups and brokenness, and asking the great physician for His healing touch.

Today let’s remind ourselves that Jesus came to cleanse us from the disease of sin, and the brokenness in our lives. He came for you, and He came for me. Let’s renew our trust in Jesus, and remind ourselves where we have forgotten that Jesus is willing and ready, to heal our hearts, and immediately our lives will be changed.

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