What Is Spiritual Warfare?

Spiritually speaking, there’s an unseen world that our human eyes can’t see. In this unseen world, there’s a battle taking place that was instigated by our spiritual enemy, Satan. He’s also referred to as the devil, the evil one, and the thief among other names.

Every plan of attack and activity from Satan begins with a lie. That’s his ammunition against every Christ follower. If he can get us to believe a lie, that’s the beginning of our deception. That’s why we must know, live, stand on, and share God’s truth.

We must understand that Satan isn’t omnipresent. There are eight billion people in the world and our good, amazing, God is with each and every one of us. But satan isn’t. Yes, there are other evil spirits and forces at work, but he’s unable to be everywhere all the time. So, don’t give him too much credit.

If we choose to follow Christ, we’re engaged in spiritual warfare. Why? Because Satan hates that we’re followers of Christ so he’ll do whatever he can to trip us up. And while Satan has some power, he isn’t all-powerful like our great God, in fact, he’s on a short rope and actually the Bible tells us he has to ask permission from God to do anything.

God is both encouraging and hard to hear, isn’t he? If God is 100% sovereign, why does He allow Satan to cause problems! This is where our faith must engage. We’ll never grasp why God hasn’t sent Satan to his eternal home of torment, but Revelation 20:10 tells us that’s exactly what will happen to him one day.

Our spiritual enemy would love nothing more if we focus on the imperfections of others and forget that he’s even there. It’s a huge part of his strategy to lead us to think the person who offended us on the highway or the family member who treated us poorly is the enemy. Or any of this evil in the world is a persons fault. It isn’t it’s him.

Just because our spiritual enemy is constantly looking for ways to ruin our lives doesn’t mean we have to live in defeat. The one who resides in us far greater than the one who sets out to destroy us. We have some tools that we can use to protect ourselves so that we don’t fall into the traps he sets for us.

Fear is a huge trap Satan sets for us. Especially into today’s society. If he can cripple us with fear. It turns into a disastrous situation.

Satan only comes to steal, kill and destroy us. And it seems like he’s doing in the world today.

Throughout the Bible it speaks of the remnant of the church.

God’s remnant are those who acknowledge God in all their ways, even when their ways sometimes do not please God. They are the ones who always confess their sins to God while believing He is always faithful and just to forgive them of their sins and to cleanse them all righteousness.

God’s remnant are those who stand on God’s word and not on the word of man, politicians, the media. They believe God’s Word is true today, yesterday and forever. Political correctness is not part of their character.

Without this remnant we will not survive what Satan is doing in the world day.

God remnant is still alive today. Are you part of God’s Remnant?

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