Is Your Body Tired or Is Your Soul Tired?

When we’ve gone through periods of extreme emotional or mental stress, or souls can go into temporary deep stress.

As we try to lift ourselves out of it by thinking positively or attempting to shift our state by forcing ourselves to become more physically energetic, we will likely feel vibrationally low.

The reason is that our soul needs time to repair in the same way tired muscles or broken bones need to heal. Even though your soul is not visible it’s there and every bit as important as body damage.

We may not pay attention to our souls, we ignore the warning signs that our energy is rapidly depleting, it can lead to more severe, long term health issues lie chronic anxiety or depression.

When our soul is exhausted, we may notice that not only does our body feel like a heavy lead object in pushing us down every movement is hard work, bit all our sensitivities are heightened and we feel on edge, running on straight adrenaline. little things that seem normal seem like they are to handle. We become overwhelmed and close to a meltdown at the thought of having anything out of the ordinary life might throw our way.

We may go through the day and it seems like everything is playing in slow motion. During the night, our sleep will restless as we experience turbulent, realistic dreams or nightmares that remain in our mind.

When someone asks us what’s wrong with us, we fail to have any clear answers that can translate how we feel. We know there is something deep going on with us, but we can’t quite describe why we feel what we feel or exactly why we feel this way.

Mathew 1: 28-30 tells us to come to Him and He will give us rest for our weary souls.

We feel an intense aching throughout our body and we may experience headaches, stomach aches and buried vision without any medical condition.

We feel A though we are out of sync without a current timeline. Our mind is operating a few moments slower than our body causing us to feel disoriented and fragmented.

All our emotions are heightened that tears flow more easily. We feel out hearts could burst from all the emotions flowing around I side us.

We feel a profound sense of loneliness even around others and my wonder who we can trust.

We may feel weakened and anything we do is exhausting from eating to exercising.

We may have anger, bitter resentful, or jealous thoughts about other people- when we usually feel compassion and don’t hold a grudge toward anyone.

The desire to leave everything behind and start over seems tempting. It can also make you feel suicidal.

When I feel this way I tend to push my way through it. Because that’s the way I was taught to handle situations like this.

That is not necessarily the answer. You can find a way to be alone for a day or weekend to just rest and put everything else on hold. Somethings changing your scenery can help a lot.

I always make sure I have a Bible or another positive book with me to read or meditate on. And just focus on yourself get the rest you need even if it’s for a short time.

Remember feeling soul tired can be caused by toxic people that put off negative energy. If we are not living our truth, or we are constantly put other before ourselves. Or we push ourselves so hard that we reach burn-out level. Being soul-tired can also be from holding on to the past to much.

Whatever the reason, our body, and soul have been thrown out of alignment and requires some time care a d gentleness so we can recharge and realignn ourselves.

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