When Forgiveness Still Hurts

Forgiving when it hurts and is painful is far from easy. As we journey with Christ in our spiritual walk, we often try to forgive those that have wronged us without asking for Jesus’ help. Simply knowing the command to remain in Christ isn’t enough when we face tough situations. We have to apply this truth, and remain attached to the vine that is Jesus, and ask for His helping hand.

I admit that after I chose to forgive my mother. I’ve had difficult times because of the hurt she has done and the suffering she has caused me. If I let the hurt inside, it will eat me up. I become an awfully mean person. Only the Lord can help.

We cannot, on our own strength, and the triggers and emotions we experience become proof of that. We have to experience the fruit of the Lord’s restorative and enduring peace, we need to remain in the Lord as John 15: 1-5 records Jesus instructing as we remain in the lord, we are relying on His strength to forgive.

To forgive others as God first forgave us is a task beyond even our best efforts. In our humanness, we could never manage to forgive as the wholly God has commanded. And yet still He commands it. But why? Because God never intended for us to forgive alone God has had a redemption plan for us from the very beginning, and that plan is rooted in forgiveness. Through the blood of Jesus on the cross, God has forgiven our sins.

By the gift of the Holy Spirit, God has empowered us to forgive others. And when we rely on God’s power to heal our hurts, we can forgive wholly and completely. In His strength, we can forgive those who seem undeserving; we can forgive again; we can forgive that which feels unforgivable, and we can finally trade or festering hurts for the fine of His grace-filled redeeming fruit. The choice to forgive is ours today. Even when it still hurts.

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