The Truth That Set Us Free

In today’s world it’s harder that even to suggest that you have the immovable and unavoidable truth about life. Absolutes are disdained, and having a monopoly on the truth doesn’t go down well when discussing the big issues of life.

In the Bible it tells us that Jesus claimed to be the truth. And that truth of who He is, is our light. It illuminates what is real and exposes what is wrong. This is why Jesus claimed that if people followed Him and His teachings, they would know the truth. And the truth will set them free.

When life gets messy and everything around us is crashing down we long for a anchor in the storm something to ground us that is unchanging, timeless and true. God’s Word is living and active, and the Bible is the only sure and unchanging source of truth to be found in this life.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we prepared to be uncontested. Society screams at us that: Complete objective truth is unknowable.” It’s all about our interpretation of the truth. A generation that usually hesitates to accept any truth outside of the validation of personal experiences and option. We try to say “be who you are and I won’t judge you for it. But these are unsteady foundations to build our lives upon.

What if truth is not just a point of view? What if the truth is not ever-changing crowd consensus, but instead is a person who you get to know and who knows you? Jesus offers the kind of freedom that comes from living and breathing what is true.

What would happen if we learned to appreciate and recognize the need this kind of stability.

Looking at God’s truth in the Bible we can become a informed generation, linked together with technology, aware of many of the answers our culture provides.

Sadly their are so many people that judge how the believers in God live. In today’s World

What does it matter to you if I’m right or I’m wrong at the end of days it will make no difference but if I’m right I will go to heaven if I am wrong if you are wrong you go to hell.

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