The Holy Man in the Center.

I was told this many years ago, and it has stuck with me.

There as a holy man who went to dinner. The host brought him dinner to the most honored seat. In humility, the man refused, and instead sat by the door. Other honored guests came and were brought to the seats where the holy man was. “Why are we not sitting near the center of the table; the place of honor?” They complained. The host said, “you’re in the most honored seat. For wherever the holy man sits that’s the center of the table.” The same with us. We focus on our circumstances, our seat, our status, how others treat us.

We want better attention, a better place better everything, but we’re missing the point. We should not live a life focused on our circumstances, but be focused on being with Him. Wherever He is, that’s the center of everything, that’s the place to be. Whenever you are in life doesn’t matter: aim to be near Him, you’re in the place of honor. Your circumstances don’t matter. Stay close to Him because wherever you are, you will be sitting in the center of the table of life. -Psalm 16:11-