Run Toward The Fear

True bravery isn’t feeling no fear, it’s being afraid and moving forward anyway.

I’ve always been fascinated by the way lions hunt. I have always been drawn to the feline tendencies.

I’ve learned that it’s the lionesses that actually do the hunting and the lion is the one to scare it’s prey towards the lioness. The male are obviously incredibly intimidating, with their manes and their ferocious roars, but it’s the lionesses you really have to watch out for,

The fact that lionesses do not have a big recognizable mane actually helps then sneak up on whatever they are hunting. They lie in wait, hidden in the talk grass, motionless like statues.

I listened to a sermon by David Barton in which he said that the males do play an important albeit small role. While the females stalk their prey from behind, the long of the jungle will come from the front and let loose one of those roars that gives him his spot at the top of the food chain. His sound is so powerful it can be heard from 5 miles away. Hearing that terrifying noise causes a gazelle or antelope to run as far as they can away from whatever made the sound.

What they don’t know is that as scary as it sounds, the one roaring is more bark than bite. So away they go directly into the path of the real threat: the waiting lionesses. In other words, the prey’s instincts are wrong. Going with their gut causes them to make the last mistake of their short, little lives.

It’s counterintuitive, but the right choice would be to override their emotions and run toward the roar.

It’s shocking how often that is true. When you run from things that scare you, you move toward danger, not away from it. If you fail to face your fears, they will always be right there behind you. You must suppress the little voice inside that’s telling you to get out of dodge. It is not your friend.

When you feel that panicky fight-or-flight sensation and you want to run away, do the opposite. Run towards the roar. You have come into the kingdom for just such a time as this. (Esther 4:14)

As a child my mother used to come in the put her hands around my neck while I was sleeping at night. As an adult I used to wake up with nightmares of her standing over my bed choking me. That would be all the sleep I would get after that. I had to decide that I would go through it running towards the roar. I started a journal that when I woke up having night terrors instead of being scared and screaming and crying I was going to be strong and let these night terrors have there way and just go back to sleep when it happened. It worked. Each time I decided to let it run its course it got easier.

God calls us to go to the places that frighten us so that we will fully trust Him. The only way for you to see God do the kinds of things He desires to do in the through you is to run toward the roar again and again and again.

We can see the tenacity of the Spirit in the life of David in the Bible when he confronted Goliath in the valley of Elah, he didn’t wan to face a nine-foot warrior who was spewing out death threats against the young shepherd.

So it was, when the philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that Devil hurried and ran towards the army to meet the Philistine. (Samual 17:48)

It’s incredible that David was willing to fight Goliath at all. The fact that he sprinted toward what seemed like a certain death is astounding. He killed the giant in the end, but first he had to run toward the very thing that terrified him the most.

What in your life are you being called to right now? What is your biggest fear right now? Run Towards The Roar.

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