The Promise Keeper

As we journey through life, struggles and heartache are inevitable, and they cam leave us wondering: Is there anyone we can trust?

In Psalm 143: 8-12 David tells us that the Lord is trustworthy in all His promises and that He is faithful in all He does. If you’ve ever experienced a broken promise, or someone has gone back on their word, this verse illuminates fresh hope in the midst of dark and difficult circumstances.

David knew that God makes promises. This is an amazing revelation to remember and hold onto. After all, who are we that God would promise us anything? Yet out of His love for us, He established many promises that are not hidden or secret. We can easily find them in Scripture. God is not human that He would lie to us, His children. When God makes a promise to us,nit will be accomplished through His sovereignty.

God is also trustworthy. David knew that he could count on God to fulfill His promises. He is dependable, reliable and worthy of His greatest promise, by sending Jesus to die on our behalf so we can have eternal life in Him.

If God fulfilled thins sacred promise out of love for us, how can we doubt He will keep the other promises He has made?

God is faithful. Not just occasionally, or simply when He decides to be. God is faithful in all He does. God is loyal to those He loves. He is one hundred percent devoted to His children and nothing will ever change that. The vow He made to us is eternal.

Life is challenging. People will disappoint us. And, yes, as much as we try, we may fall short in keeping some of our promises to others. But no matter what happens in life, we can hold on to this profound truth: God will never break His promises. Never. He is trustworthy and faithful.

I’ve had a hard life it left me feeling I could never trust anyone. People always broke their promises. It led me to feel broken and lonely. Their was no-one I could trust. Then I realized God was always with me, and miraculously Has never broke a promise to me. I have learned theirs no one on earth I can fully trust. But I can trust that God will never break a promise. And that I’m never alone, even when I feel theirs no-one I can trust. God is trustworthy.

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