Seen. Known. Loved

Has it been difficult to find meaning in your life? Perhaps we know what we’re most interested in, but how do we know if it is our purpose? These longings rooting our desire to feel God’s presence in our lives, which beginning when we know He communicates with us.

For those of us who experience love primarily through words. We need to hear the words of God for us: “Though the mountain shaken and the hills be removed m yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed.” (Isaiah 54)

I’ve learned in my life that we scurry about trying to find things that will fill the hole in our souls. Until you know you are seen, Known, and Loved by God that hole never fills.

God loves you. He has compassion for you. He sees you and is working to make peace with you. The words of affirmation that God gives very one of us is more powerful than the temporary and often shallow words we get online or around the people, we are around every day. That is the true anchor to our souls. God’s words are powerful because within His words there in love we don’t have to work for or strive to maintain. God loves you. He says it, and the fact is you can experience that love on a daily basis. Particularly if you are an affirmation kind of person. You can let God’s love in by hearing God’s words. Via the Internet you can read God’s words to you or pick up a the Bible and start reading and experience live and companionship in a way you may never thought possible.

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