Trusting God With Our Doubts

Have you ever found yourself harboring distrust toward God? It is easy for to applaud His directions when they align with our desires. But when His guidance redirects our steps of His decrees challenges our decisions, we can feel frustrated and wary. It’s as if we are acknowledging His instructions, but questioning His intentions. We want His wisdom to help us, but we can feel confused by His ways.

We need reminding that God is for us and not against us. That he wants to help us and not harm us. We need to know that He is committed to our safety and quality ager to enjoy our company. But if we don’t know God’s character well enough, we will struggle to trust His Counsel.

Psalms 19 reminds us that trust doesn’t just sprout up in the absence of doubt. It grows in the presence of intimate relationships. David declares in Psalms “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord have never forsaken those who seek you.” The original word uses “know’ doesn’t merely mean head-knowledge. It implies an intimate understanding gained through personal experience.

Armed with this fresh truth m we can begin to focus our energy on experiencing God rather than trying to eradicate all our doubts. We can focus less on the mysteries of His counsel and more on the certainties of His character. As we linger on God’s Word and take note of His faithfulness, we can listen to His voice in prayer and pay attention to His love in action. We will grow to know the Lord better as we seek His company.

In time, we can discover that what the psalmist says is true: knowing and trusting God go hand in hand. And it’s easier to trust God with all our hearts when we’re intimately acquainted with His.

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