The Widow’s Oil

We often feel powerless to change our circumstances. When a spouse loses a job. A parent has a life changing health crisis and requires extra help.

We can learn from 2 Kings in the a Bible. The widow understood these seasons. She faced a season of loss as she mourned the death of her husband. It was difficult to be a woman without a husband in those times. Waking up every day, she felt alone and abandoned in her circumstances.

She was in a season of emptiness. Without a partner to share in the day to day decisions of parenting, she was a single mother trying to raise her children without enough income to provide. The widow lived in a season of threat. A lender was on his way to collect, and if it wasn’t about money, it was going to be her children, with the intent to make them slaves. She felt powerless to keep her children from a life she didn’t want for them.

Like the widow, in our seasons of loss, emptiness or threat, we can focus on our misfortunes instead of counting our blessings. Her misfortune was lack of income. Her blessing, was a little bit of oil. We, too, have blessings in our season of “Now What?” During this time, it is difficult to look past the problems were facing and notice the blessings.

But when we look beyond our present circumstances. God helps us see our blessings. We, like the widow, can look at our little bit and say, “It’s plenty.” With a small amount of faith, the widow poured and poured until every jug and bowl was filled with oil.

God knew the exact amount of oil the widow needed to cancel her debts. He took her little bit of oil and used it to not only change the course of her life, but the lives of her children. God knows what we need. He will take whatever small amount we have and multiply it to be exactly what we lack. The on,y thing we must do is offer ourselves as empty jugs and allow God to pour into us what we need during this season.

I sometimes go to my bed weeping about how powerless I feel. I’m sure many have done this also. Ask God to tell you how to overcome it? God knows exactly what we need. And never fails to provide that help.

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