How Can I Go Deeper With God?

One of the great joys is to find Christians who are longing for a deeper and more meaningful Christian life. We sense that the answer is found with God and that the Bible should be able to tell us how to have a deeper relationship with God. This occurs because the Holy Spirit has placed that passion within every Christian to know God and grow spiritually. Sadly, many find their church to be primarily a social gathering, and the preaching shallow or empty. Therefore. How does a Christian dive deeper into spiritual things?

Preparing For A Deeper Relationship With God

The first step is to go deeper in your spiritual life and draw close to God is to confess all known sins to God in prayer. David did this in Psalms 51;4. There we read that he confessed his sin to God and God alone. The scriptures teach that confession of our sins restores a Christian’s relationship with God.

I acknowledge my sin to you, and my iniquity I did not hide; I said, “I will confess my transgressions to the Lord” and you forgave the guilt of my sin. Selah.

Psalm 32:5

Confession removes guilt if we believe His promises in Psalm 103, Micah 7: 18-19, 1 John.

Who is a God like you, who pardons iniquity and pleases over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession? He does not retain His anger forever. Because He delights in unchanging love. He will again have compassion on us; He will tread out iniquities underfoot. Yes, you will cast all their sins into the depth of the sea.

Micah 7:18-19

The first step of confession repairs our sun-damaged relationship with God and prepare us for the second step.

The second step to a deeper relationship with God is to pursue Holiness by being obedient to God’s commands. This is, we seek to please Him. (Ephesians 5:10, Hebrews 11:5-6) His commands reveal His will for us. 1 Peter 1:14-16 reveals the God wants us to be holy as He is holy. In 2 Timothy 2:22, He urges us to flee sin. The Old and New Testaments provide us with commands, principles, and encouragement as to how God wants us to live. Hebrews 12:4-11 teaches us that God will discipline us when we are disobedient. His discipline is designed to motivate us to be holy. He does this because He loves us.

But God has not left us alone in our fight with sin. The Holy Spirit will help us if we followed step 1. Confession not only restores our relationship with God, but it enables the Holy Spirit to fill us or empower us moment – by -moment so that we can live a holy life and know our God deeper. The momentary filling of the Spirit is being “filled with the Spirit’ and the repeated filling of the Spirit moment after moment (Ephesians 5:17-18) is called walking in the Spirit. (Galatians 5:16)

“How to be filled with the Spirit,” “What are the signs that a person is filled with the Holy Spirit? And “Holy Spirit gives us victory over sin.”

When we are walking in the spirit, we will be having greater victory over sin, and Christ’s promise in John 14:21 will be fulfilled x. In that verse, Jesus tells us that our sins hinder us from knowing Him more. Or stated positively, obedience helps us understand the deeper truths of Christ.

He who has my commandments and keeps them is the one who loves Me, and he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and will disclose Myself to him.

John 14:21

Notice Christ’s promise that if we want to know God more and deeper, we must keep His commands. That is true because then the Holy Spirit has greater freedom to teach spiritual truths.

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