Jesus, where are you?

Have you ever walked through something so difficult, so terrifying, that you’ve caught yourself asking ‘Jesus where are you?’ Sometimes when life gets overwhelming m and when things get difficult and confusing, it can feel like our Messiah has gone missing. That’s how the disciples must have felt in an incident that happened right after the feeding of the 5,000. They got in a boat and quickly found themselves in rough waters, being tossed by strong winds. They strained at the oars as the realities of life beat against them.

This storm was terrifying for them. The waves weren’t just ebbing, cresting, and crashing around them. The waves were bubbling up and exploding all around them in unpredictable ways. They couldn’t brace themselves or their boat. They were completely helpless and swallowed up by fear.

Someiits hard not to be completely consumed by fear amid circumstances we didn’t see coming. Especially when we feel helpless, and there seems to be no good outcome in sight.

Even when our storms cause us to lose sight of hope Jesus never loses sight of us. While the disciples were in the boat straining, Jesus was sleeping and saw them. He went to them. And they almost completely missed the miracle in the midst of their mess.

The same miracle worker who multiplied the fish and the loaves was now walking on water near them, and they thought He was a ghost. Jesus’s response to the disciples who missed Him and who cried out in fear is remarkable. The scripture says immediately He spoke to them and said, “Don’t be afraid.” (Mark 50) The word used here means, “don’t resist Me.” And He climbed into the boat with them.

He’s saying the same thing to you and me, He’s not running from our messes. He’s climbing in to be right there with us. And with His presence comes peace.

In the midst of whatever hurts and heartbreaks are disturbing our peace. I pray we will see Him coming. We no longer have to cry out in fear; we can call out in faith. Calm and trusting. Anxious for nothing. Because we know. We know He sees us. We know He’s for us. We know He’s in control. Yes. The Lord is near. And we are safe.

Mark 6 45-52

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