The Strength Of The All-powerful God

Psalm 9

Bystanders spotted a nine-year-old boy in a swollen river. He was struggling with all his might to stay afloat in the raging torrent. He did not have the strength to swim to shore, even though it was only ten yards away. Rescuers jumped in and pulled him to safety.

The boy was exhausted, he laid on the riverbank panting and trying to catch his breath. When he could breathe normally again, someone asked him “Did you fall in?” No, he said. “I just wanted to see how strong the current was. I sure found out!”

Psalm 9 talks about the strength of the all-powerful God, the creator. Ruler, and Judge of the Universe. It describes what happens to those who decide to challenge His strength or exalt themselves about Him.

They soon find out how powerful He really is. They lose their thrones. Their kingdom crumble. Their armies collapse. Yes the Lord endures forever. The all-powerful God is the One who protects and cares for those who take refuge in Him.

The same God whose power destroys evil preserves what is good. And no one can break through His protection without His permission. What a comfort to know that God’s power can thwart the wicked and protect the righteous!

I sure can trust a God like that.

Psalm 9

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