The Empty Soul

We all have a hunger in our hearts for God – an empty place in our souls that only He can fill. But sometimes we try to feel the emptiness with everything but Him. I’ve tried to feel that void with alcohol, drugs. sex, food you name it I’ve tried it.

The Psalmist in the Bible put it this way: “My would thirst for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?” (Psalms 42:2)

The problem is that instead of turning to God and letting Him feel our souls, we turn to other things – pleasure, fame, money sex, drugs, or alcohol. Some people even turn to false philosophies or religions, hoping these will lead them to the truth and fill the empty place in their lives. For a time, they think they’ve found what we’re looking for, but in the end, they’re just as empty as they ever were. Tragically, some will even discover that they’ve almost destroyed their lives.

Only God can satisfy our inner hunger, and He will, as we turn to Him and by faith open our hearts and lives to Christ’s transforming power. God doesn’t want us to wander through life constantly wondering who we are or what we’re here, Instead, Christ came into the world to bring us back to God, and He will, as we commit our lives to Him.

Don’t be deceived by those who urge you to take the wrong road, no matter how glamorous or famous they seem to be. Instead, make Christ the center of our life. God’s Word is true. “Why spend money on what is not bread, yours labor on what does not satisfy? Give ear and come listen, that you may live,” (Isaiah 55:2-3)

Today a friend and I went on a road trip into the city to do some shopping. As we pulled up to the department store parking lot, we saw two middle-aged men step out of a $100,000 Porche 911. I was telling her “who would spend that much money on a car.” all that money is gone and you can’t take it with you. I was curious about the emptiness they had in their soul. The car was a reflection of the driver’s ego. It says “I am better than you” or I am privileged.” What hole was he trying to fill in his soul.

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