God’s Plan For Us

Have you ever wondered, “What is God’s plan for me?”

As a believers of course you want to make decisions according to God’s will. But what happens when you just don’t know which way God want you to go?

Sooner or later in life everybody has to make decisions. Which college should you go to? Who should I marry? Should I more here or there? The list goes on and on and as the questions grow bigger and more life-changing, shouldn’t God’s answers and plan for our lives become clearer and clearer as well? If I want to do His will, shouldn’t it be easier to see God’s plans for us?

It can be difficult to see God’s plan and know which road to take. You pray to God and ask Him for help but there are often no prophetic Dreams, visions or strong feelings leading you one way or another. It can seem like God isn’t answering you at all.

God’s Plan For Me: Do Everything Before His face

Many believers struggle with this because we almost expect a loud voice from heaven when we talk to God, complete with trumpets and a burst of sunlight. But God doesn’t necessarily work that way. Often He works in whispers instead of shouts. And the way we practice listening is to go in faith and do everything before His face.

Why doesn’t God just speak from the clouds or something?

It says in Colossians 3:23: “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” This is a key point. It isn’t always so important what we do, but why and how we do it. Are you doing it wholeheartedly because you want to please the Lord! Or are there a few selfish reasons behind your decision?

It also says in Matthew 7:7: “Ask, and it will be given to you, seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.” God is more than willing to show us His will and plan for our lives, but He also wants us to show that we want to know it and follow it. He wants us to make an effort – to seek His will. Then He has promised that we will find it. So if you are asking and seeking and knocking and doing everything as to the Lord then you can rest assured that He will show you His will for your life. He may not always be what we expect, and it can be released to us in unexpected ways, but if we are truly interested, we will find it.

God’s Will – Good, Acceptable, And Perfect

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and the perfect with the will of God.” (Romans 12:2) Put simply, this is the entirety of God’s will right here, as well as His plan with our lives. That we be transformed by the renewing of our mind, that we prove God’s will. That is something we can do regardless of whether we decide to be transformed and renewed wherever you are

So how do you make your decision! Ask yourself, “Is it good! Is it acceptable? Is it perfect?” if the answer seems to be yes, then do it! Prove what is God’s will. Test it. He who seeks will find.

This is why transformation is the most glorious of God’s promises.

The Renewing Of Your Mind

Whatever the outcome, when looking back, you may find that what you did was tainted with a bit of self-sealing, some demands on the others, and so on. This was not according to God’s will, and yet you made your decision in faith and with a desire to serve God. That’s why God can show you how you could have done it better, where you should have given up your own will. Go back and fix things, ask for forgiveness, set things right. It is this that is God’s will for us and His plan for our lives: that we will learn humility, that we learn how to live as a disciple. The revelation comes in an unexpected way – by showing you your mistakes, but because you are seeking to do God’s will, you use it to be transformed. This is the renewing of your mind.

A disciple is not one that knows everything and can do everything perfectly the first time. The life of a disciple means following Jesus, the Master, and learning from Him. It means listening to God’s voice everyone and striving to be well-pleasing to Him. In this way, we will daily find more and more of this. “I should have done things better, God give me strength and wisdom to humble myself and do better next time.’ So next time I put to practice what God’s voice told me,and do it better – I’m becoming more like my Master day by day. That’s what it means to be disciple.

What is a disciple called to do?

No matter where we will find opportunities to hear God’s voice and do His will. We will find our own life, our anger, our pride, our stubbornness and self- seeking, and putting these things to death we are transformed more and more into Jesus’s image and in this way we are doing God’s will!

Ultimately, this is God’s perfect plan for both you and me: that we become free from the way that we are and be transformed into Jesus’s own image.

I have learned when I’m listening for God’s voice, when there’s a ache in the pit of my stomach, that’s God leading away from the direction I want to take. (The wrong choice) Also, if you are not at peace with the decision you are making it’s usually the wrong choice. That’s when I know that’s God telling me to turn to a different path. (The right Path)

God speaks to everyone in different ways. Start noticing the difference in what your feeling. It might just be God speaking to you.

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