The Lord Directs His Love

Do you ever struggle in the quiet of the night? Maybe we have thoughts like: “Nobody else has troubles. “Other people are just enjoying their lives.” Why is my life so hard? The battles we face are real, and rob us of sleep and joy.

If you find yourself in a season like this, you can take comfort in ache from David’s words in Psalms 42:1-8. During the day he allowed the Lords love to direct him. Knowing he was loved gave him the strength to make the hard choices that were the best choices that were the best choices for him and his people.

At night David put away all the words and hard thinking and just praised God. David turned from a panicked worrier, into a prayerful worshipper. Maybe we should all give David’s ways a try and do the same? When the lights are turned out, we can chose a praise God arming ourselves with truth and worship for the only One who can carry and fix our troubles.

Try it when your stewing over many worries. It will remind you that you are to give all of your troubles to Jesus, before you sleep and rest and even when you are unable to sleep. I’ve always had a difficult time sleeping. In my waking hours at night. I talk to God, when I talk to God about what’s going on in my life. I am usually able to return to sleep. Knowing God is in control and sovereign.

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