The God Of Hope

Life is unpredictable. None of us except the sudden circumstances that can bring about division, disappointment and loss. Who could have guessed a pandemic would force us into isolation, and upend our plans throw us into turmoil band leave us longing for hope.

Life can change in a moment and it deals blows we don’t expect, it’s so easy to find ourselves in a place of disparity longing for some type of comfort. Romans 15;23 is a wonderful prayer that Paul wants every believer to experience as a response to these types of circumstances.

Hope is the focus in Pauls’s prayer. Particularly that the God of hope would cause us to overflow with hope. Hope is mentioned not once but twice in this verse. The first mention refers to God as the origin of hope. We anticipate a favorable outcome not based on principles, but on His person. No matter how difficult our circumstances, we can have hope because of who God is: powerful, wise and good.

The second mention of hope refers to us as the recipients. God pours hope into us when we choose to believe He is who He says He is and that He always keeps His promises. When we do this. He gives us neither optimism not hype, but a rock-solid assurance that a favorable outcome will come our way.

Because we are people living among others desperately seeking hope. God wants our lives to spill over and release what we have received to those around us, creating in then a deeper curiosity to know the source of our peace. We can not concoct or create this hope in our own strength. God makes hope possible by the power of the Holy Spirit living in us.

But the more we meditate on Romans 15:7-13 and a final prayer, the more God heals our hurting hearts. We can hold onto hope knowing that someday, Jesus will return and set things right. One dstm He will wipe every tear from our eyes. As we wait, we call live in hope because the source of hope lives in us,

Meanwhile, we can look at the small miracles that happen every day. If we take a moment to look, close enough we can see. I know this brings me hope as I wait on God’s return.

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