The Perfect Gift

The perfect gift. Some of you will spend many hours the Christmas season searching for the perfect gift. You will browse through store after store or website after website. If you are the giver you want it to be just right. Based on what the person you are giving the gift to needs, you want it to be perfect.

Maybe you have received the perfect gift. You have that memory of the time when someone surprised you with a gift you’ll never forget. As a child it may have been a toy you just thought you had to have.

It’s funny how the perfect gifts haven’t changed through the years. I still like movies, music, and jewelry.

Here’s how it is supposed to work on a perfect Christmas morning. You get up on Christmas morning. You get up on Christmas morning and you find packages underneath the tree. They are wrapped in colorful paper and ribbons and bows. A minor distraction when it comes time to open the gift. Up until that moment, they are a my. You may shake then and listen closely to detect some telling sound that would give away the secret.

Gifts are meant to be opened. They are not a gift until received. If this Christmas you leave a package unwrapped it will be useless. It could be a book you wanted to read but unless you open it, it will go unread. It could be the movie you wanted to watch but unless you one it, it will go unwatched. It could be the keys to a new car you wanted, but unless you open it, it will never be driven.

Whoever leaves a gift unopened? Who ignores the special package with their name on it? Who has that kind of willpower or who cares so little for gifts that they ignore the perfect gift that is for them?

I think I know just who it is. I think that millions of people leave the prefect gift unopened year after year. They ignore it, they act like it doesn’t exist. They may even use this gift in conversation but in reality they pay no attention to it.

The Bible says,

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father…” (James 1:17)

There is one perfect gift. He was born a long time ago in a sleepy little town by the name of Bethlehem. This perfect gift was predicted to come thousands of years before it arrived. Since His arrival this gift has been unopened by millions, more. Have you opened the Perfect Gift?

The perfect gift of Jesus. There is no sense in trying to clever about it.

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