Unblinded Faith

It’s difficult to want to believe the Bible is true, but differing viewpoints, the noise of this word and the trails of life. I sometimes doubt when I’m suffering from excruciating migraines that last for days. Or see things that are happening in society today. Life is hard and confusing and filled with wandering and wondering about the goodness of God and the promises found in His Word.

Doubting God’s goodness can be an ongoing challenge, even though we can recount the amazing, miracles we have witnessed His hand at work.

You name it, I’ve been well acquainted with trouble of every kind. But when I think about it, it sounds exactly like what God has already told us we will be in against.

There are some days I tell God I wish trouble would find someone else to hang out with. Even while my feeling are hurt and confusion tell me otherwise. I wouldn’t wish these migraines and my troubles on anyone.

I know the truth deep down that God is still our sovereign Lord, who has not removed His hand from our fallen world.

When trouble abounds, God is still on the Throne

The challenges we face daily Will tempt us to despair, making it hard to trust His ways are indeed perfect. We can’t skirt around pain. We can’t control the future. But we can trust God when the trials of life are breaking upon us like ocean waves before a storm.

Isn’t that what we truly crave?

Not necessarily a faith that is insurance policy against suffering – because that just doesn’t exist – but rather, a deeply rooted faith that is deep,y rooted faith that is unwavering through trials?

No matter our story, no matter what is happening presently and no matter what the future holds, God is who He says He is and will honor His promises to us until kingdom come.

May you be inspired to begin every day with unblinded faith in those promises.

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