No Reason To Hurry

This is a high-strung, neurotic, impatient age. We hurry along for no reason- just to be hurrying. This fast paced age has produced more problems and less morality than previous generations, and it has given all of us jagged nerves. Impatience has produced a new crop of broken homes, or more ulcers, and had set the stage for wars.

We all seen the headlines about attacks on our country and a spiraling political conflict. It can all be scary and unnerving. Some days it seems the threats and violence are only getting worse, with no end in sight.

Whether we’re angry, anxiously bracing for what’s next or just sick of all fighting remember this:

God has already won the battle between good and evil. “In the world, you will have tribulation, but take heart I have overcome the world. He overcame the world when He died for the sins of humanity, giving us inner peace when we put our faith in Him.

There is always going to be wickedness because of the sin inside us, yet we don’t have to be afraid. When Christ is in our lives. He is always with us. Whether it’s persecution and suffering or death and devastation – no matter how much bad news you hear, He has the final say.

Yes, the world is broken. Yes we have destruction, violence, and endless battles. But you can have peace through it all – a lasting peace stronger than any fear or anxiety that comes your way. Why not trust the One who knows everything, even the things we cant understand.

God asks us to believe in Him. Repent from our sins, pray and follow Him. Find peace in Him today.

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