What Is Advent?

The word “Advent” refers to the coming or arrival of someone or something. It is traditionally and liturgically connected to Christmas. Christmas is about the arrival – the most significant arrival in history. It is about the Advent – the coming of Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 2:6 we see that the Advent of Jesus is associated with Him ruling and shepherding people. He has come to rule over lives and to shepherd our souls. He is the true Shepherd-King.

When we invite Jesus Christ into our hearts, He establishes His rule over us. He helps us understand what is good for us as what is destructive to us. He provides us with principles to live by and boundaries to live within. He rule over us is one of love. He guides us tenderly as a good shepherd oversees His sheep.

Take a moment to give praise and thanks to the Lord for coming as your Ruler and Shepherd. Determine to give Him unrestricted reign over your mind, will, and emotions. Choose to trust and follow His wholeheartedly as your Heavenly Shepherd. Thank Him for His Advent in your life.

In society today, it seems their are many to want to rule us with power. “Do this or else” I’m thankful that God is a loving God, and doesn’t want to rule with power but love.

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