Outside The Synagogue

The gospel of Luke tells of The Messiah being kicked out of His own Synagogue. He went outside; He left. They went on with their services, rituals, and their social lives, but everything was dead, empty and lost. God’s presence moved on, outside the synagogue, rituals and routines. The healing and the good news went on outside.

The release of the captives went on, freedom to the prisoners, sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, all the miracles that His own synagogue couldn’t contain. His own religion could not contain Him, and Neither can ours.

You want miracles, blessings, the presence of God? Then you have to step outside of your routine, you rut, even the rituals in your life. You have to break out beyond the walls that contain your faith.

The walls of Messiah’s religion couldn’t contain Him. He has to go outside for the miracles to keep going. We too need to step out our narrow walls and walk with the King in the excitement of the newness and adventure of Him.

The blessings He has for you are so big, they cannot be contained indoors.

Luke 4:18

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