True Peace Is Possible

Have you ever heard “There will never be any peace until we’re all laid to rest?” I’m sure we all know what is meant by this statement.

Life can be a struggle. At times, it is easier to despair over finding peace when trouble seems to jump from the corner.

When difficult times come, many emotions rule our heart and mind. Peace is usually the emotion we sense the least when life turns tipsy-turvy. But this is not God’s plan.

Apostle Paul writes to the church in Colossians and shares how it’s God’s will for the Heavenly Peace is a state of tranquillity or quiet amidst thoughts and emotions. It speaks of freedom from external pressures.

The kind of peace God gives remains. It’s not something that comes and goes depending on our circumstances. Divine peace should govern our lives in all things at all times. When the things of life haunt us – that pile of bills, unexpected expenditure, anxious feelings of inadequacy we long for peace.

Paul says that the peace of Christ gives is fully satisfying. It’s peace of mind, heart, body, and soul. It’s contentment knowing you are in the care of God. Sadly, it’s our sinful, selfish nature that tries to obtain peace by our own efforts. Sometimes we try to persuade God with promises.

If we don’t actively seek God’s help when we’re afraid or facing trouble, we’re probably trusting in our own resources and abilities. In times of doubt and fear, let peace rule.

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