Types Of Wisdom

There are three types of wisdom that the Bible covers.

Solomon never asked for wisdom, but it was wisdom that he was asking for but he never mentioned the the word wisdom, but he defined it, he explained the function of wisdom.

I believe many of you realize that you cannot do without wisdom, and that without wisdom you can’t do anything? You see when we Wisdom we have to understand what it is and also you have to understand what it is not. Wisdom is not thinking it is different from thinking. I would rather call it divine reasoning. Reasoning which is beyond thinking reasoning that is divine.

Wisdom is a heavenly commodity. There are three types of wisdom. The first wisdom which is the most important is the godly wisdom then earthly wisdom and then satanic wisdom. There is a need for you to know the difference in the three kinds of wisdom, so you know exactly which one to choose.

So when you pray and you are asking God for wisdom, you have to be specific, you have to really point out which one exactly are you asking God for because the other one is satanic, only the devil can give that one to you.

It is important to know what it is you believe in. from 1 Kings 3, Can you write a meaning or definition of wisdom, Which is the ability to know the meaning and the difference.

If want to know what it wisdom is, it is an ability to discern the difference, knowing the difference that’s wisdom. I will give you the. three definitions. The simplest that you can never forget it’s found The book of Job chapter 28 verse 28: “And unto man he said behold, fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and To depart from evil is understanding. You can’t forget that one. The fear of the Lord that is wisdom. The fear of the Lord is wisdom.”

When a person fears God, it is a sign that he has wisdom. And the fear there, it’s a fear the word there is the same word as a reference. When you revere God, when you honor God, you respect God, that fear is a result of wisdom. So any person no matter how influential he is, as long as they don’t fear God, it’s a clear sign that they just don’t have wisdom. They might have another type of wisdom which is not godly.For you know that you have godly wisdom you see it by the way you respect God For you know that you have Godly wisdom you see it by the way you respect God. Another definition Is the ability to make the right judgment. Wisdom also is the ability to know the difference. It’s an ability to know the difference in people, the difference in situation, the difference in anything you look at.

That ability to know the difference, if you have two friends, if I give you a chance right now to explain the difference can you explain it? That ability is wisdom, between two opinions, between two choices, that ability to know the difference is wisdom. And also to make the right judgment in Escalante 8:1, It says which is to know the interpretation of a thing that’s is wisdom that’s judgment.

So you look at something and you can discern the difference, you have two options, no apply for two jobs and both of them are available for you. Which one should you go for? Do you just look at the salary? do you just focus on the benefits? That calls for wisdom now you know the difference between anything that you look at.

For certain jobs that give you money today but they will not give you anything more than money. You are there just a few months when you begin to realize I should’ve gone for the other job, but during the moment decision wisdom was not available, It wasn’t present to assist you and help you make the right decision, So knowing the difference is wisdom.

Looked at anything, no matter the two things look alike, but it’s rude that discerning ability you can look at two things and you can tail that there is a difference and yet most of the people can’t see the difference, but you can tell that there is a difference. What is the difference? And wisdom will help you describe it and explain the difference that you were seeing.

So you can see right from that point that it is important even before you make a decision to have that discerning spirit do you know exactly what it is that you are shooting before you Start regretting, so wisdom is needed when you were making your decisions and when you are making choices.

Solomon never asked for wisdom, but it was wisdom that he was asking for but he never mentioned a word wisdom, but he defined it, and explain the function of wisdom. Give me an understanding heart to discern between bad and good. Andrew making the right decision in the right judgment.

Do you know that there are many judgments that we do on a daily basis? You can agree with me that even before you bought that shirt that you were wearing it was some kind of engagement, right? If you bought it from a shop, there were several other shirts that were there,and then that one was different from another one and then you judged, And based on the judgment you bought the one that you have.

So we are making judgments on a daily basis no matter that are coming to us that are brought to our attention, We are making judgments even when you hear something about someone, before you can’t believe it you have to first and foremost make a judgment.

But this is what I want to look at now which is very important, a scripture in the book of Ecclesiastes again, I want you to see something there chapter 7:10: “Say not thou, what is the cause that the former days were better than these? For thou doesn’t not enquire wisely concerning this.”

These words are coming from a wise man. He’s advising you to never say. Say not thou, so this is something you should never say. No matter what happens you should never say say what? What is the cars that the former days are better than these? This is something that you have already said, am I right on that one? What a girl

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