Becoming Peacemakers

One of the key facets of Scripture is how vividly the biblical writers paint the picture of God modeling the right way to seek peace.

When we offend God with our disobedience. He took the initiative to reconcile a relationship with us through His Son’s death on the cross. Through Jesus’ sacrifice and salvation, we are no longer subject to our defensive reactions to shut down. Instead, we have access to His peace, which makes being a peacemaker possible.

If we look at the original text in Matthew 5:3-10, we see the word for peace means harmony, security, and rest. These words that define peace remain and me of the things Jesus brings into our lives. Because we follow Him, He gives us the ability to make peace. When we do. He promises we will be called Children of God. We can be a representation of the peace He gives,

So, when Jesus said we are “blessed” when we bring peace, it is because being a peacemaker allows us to represent the depth of who He is as His children.

Some people will go to great lengths to prove themselves right. Pride and arrogance convince them that laying aside differences is a sign of weakness. But if we can catch God’s vision of what it looks like to be a peacemaker – to bring harmony, security and rest to a difficult situation it will allow us to feel secure and at rest in the midst of conflict. We can stand confident as Children of God.

As we let go of petty incidents and issues, we are peacemakers. When we are the first to say, “I’m sorry,” we give peace. When we talk calmly, rather than yelling, we bring peace to situations. By learning to give peace we receive peace from Jesus, His peace flows through our lives.

Being a peacemaker can be challenging and may not come naturally. Especially when you sit and engage at close proximity to loved one this Christ. But may we be reminded today and every day that in conflict we have the capacity to bring resolutions of peace. We can bring harmony, security and rest because Jesus’s death and resurrection gave that to us.

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