The Word Became Flesh

Though we find ourselves in a season of bright lights Christmas trees, and presents, as followers of Jesus, we live with the reality that we still live in a world where darkness seems ever-present. This is no surprise to many of us. We experience suffering in relationships, through disease and through death.

Remembering John 1:5 the resurrection of Jesus allows us to have faith that, even in chaos we see all around us, there are better days ahead. With a confident foreshadowing of the story’s end, the writer John assured us who will ultimately come out on top. That light shines in the darkness, and yet the darkness did not overcome it.

Right here John sums up the season of Advent even amidst the great deal of darkness in this world, the light of Jesus shines bright. He who experienced all of the darkness, even death itself, and was not overcome, now dwells in us as God’s Spirit.

In John’s mind, this is why Jesus came. Jesus came into the world to be the light driving out darkness. John has barely begun his gospel narrative before introducing this cosmic conflict as the reason God the Father sent the Son. The conflict is real, and so is our pain. But we can take heart as the light shines within us and through us, in even the darkness of times.

Consider this week how the light of Christ may shine into the darkness around you. In those times when we have accepted the darkness instead of carrying the light of Christ, invite God’s presence to draw near, and light us your life, so that you can bring His light into our dark word this Christmas and always.

John 1:1-5

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