The Sign Of Emmanuel

Trying to escape the holiday noise can be very challenging. Taking A deep breath to open your Bible and read the Christmas story is an opportunity to reawaken our senses to what really happened that first Christmas

In Isaiah 7:14, The prophet Isaiah rights that the version will be Which child and will give birth to a son, and will call Him Emmanuel – God with us. We can picture your Mary wrapping big baby Jesus. Her hands carefully folded each corner of cloth. I like the beautiful bow on the perfect Christmas gift, her mother we instincts kick in as she cradled her newborn boy.

As we picture the scene, some of us will receive a fresh revelation of what we have been missing this Christmas season. In the hustle and bustle of creating the perfect Christmas, we forget to unwrap the perfect gift, the most important gift of all the gift of Emmanuel – God with us.

Hundreds of years before the prophetic words we’re actually fulfilled. But indeed, the pieces were in place for them to become a reality some 2000 years ago.

In Luke verse 2, Each word and Isaiah’s prophecy reminds us of the first Christmas night and God‘s promise that came through in Bethlehem. “She gave birth to her first born, a son, he wrapped him in clothes and place him in a Manger…” – Luke 2:7

Let us come before God and unwrap God presents in our lives today. Invite Jesus to bring home to your anxious heart. To bring his perspective to your expectations and to help you enjoy the gifts and blessings that God has given you. Remembering that Emmanuel, God is with you.

Simply pausing to acknowledge and thank Jesus for being with us will bring peace to our hearts unlike any white light or matching table settings could ever do.

Isaiah 7: 15-17

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