The Most Fought Over Land On Earth

On May 14, 1948, Israel was born from the dead as a nation. Israel as many of you know is the size of Bew Jersey. And yet, did you know that Israel is the most fought over land in history? Now you would think, with all this fighting Israel must be filled with natural resources. It’s not. It had almost nothing, but the one thing Israel has is God. Israel belongs to God. And so, if you’re saved, you’re of Israel and it’s the same for you. You might often feel like your in a fight, and every day’s a battle. There a reason for it. You’re Gods Israel. You belong to God. So your life is precious. There’s a calling on it, a high calling, and a good promise of great things to come. So it’s worth the fight. The enemy knows it. And His job is to discourage you from persevering and inheriting the blessing. You knew you had a fight. But now you know you’ve got something worth fighting for.

Think of all the conflicts, problems, attacks, obstacles, resistance and warfare in your life, but thank God that the enemy is against you. Stand even stronger. If the enemy is attacking you, You know your doing something right.

1 Timothy 6:12

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