New Year Purpose Statement

At the first of the year, we should always have a goal in mind. One thing planned that we are supposed to accomplish during the year.

Healing For The Broken Hearted

If you have a broken heart. Your goal might be to find relief from the emotional pain caused by life’s hard situations. The heart ache caused by the loss of closed ones, failed marriages, abuse, or any other “soul hurt” can be healed by the love of Christ.

Liberty To The Captives

You can be set free from addictions to alcohol, drugs, sexual perversions or violent behavior, depression, anxiety, and other fear or phobias that have held you in the grip and prevented you from “being free.“

Recovery Of Sight To The Blind

Healing and health from anyone suffering from physical or mental illness, disease, deformity, or any other type of affliction which causes pain or discouragement.

To Set At Liberty Those Who Are Oppressed

Those who feel that “the deck is stacked against them, of that nothing good, ever happens to them, or that everyone else gets all the breaks, can receive help and assurance from God that will release them from those feelings and give them a joyful expectation for the blessings of God in their lives.

Maybe you’ll choose one of these goals or another but take the time to choose a goal and work towards the process of finishing your goal.

I chose to work on getting rid of these migraines. Right off the bat I know I have to get more personal with God. Spending more time with Him, talking, praying, and listening.

Sacrifice some time to make 2022 a better year.

Like 4:18

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