Self-Fulfilled Prophecy

Have you ever made a prediction about yourself that came true?

You may not think it can be possible. But, we find that we can some times can make accurate predictions about ourselves.

For example, you might predict that a project you are working on will turn out exceedingly well or feel confident in your ability to for see the future when your hard work pays off or your work receives positive feedback.

Alternatively, you might expect that a presentation at work will go terribly, and to no surprise you will stutter, mumble and frequently forget your next point while speaking.

Although you could take these instances as evidence that you know yourself and your abilities quite well ( and this might me true), you might not think about the effects your expectations have on your behavior.

When our beliefs and expectations influence our behavior at the subject level, we are enacting what is known as self-fulfilling prophecies are, how they play a role in psychology and sociology, and how they can worsen mental health disorders like depression.

There are science based exercises that e plots the fundamental aspects of positive psychology including strengths, values and self-compassion and will give you the tools to enhance your well-being.

What is Self-Prophecy?

A self-fulfilling prophecy is when a prediction about the future comes true. The prediction of the future is what drives self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s because the individual believe in the future outcome that is being a asserted self-fulfilling prophecy happened when the individual ultra behavior either consciously or unconsciously to make a prediction come true. Self-fulfilling prophecy used in film and literature when a character tells how the situation will turn out. And example of self-fulfilling prophecy can be found in the movie Jerry Maguire or Gary really don’t publicly and says he’s going to create a much better company of his own. By the end of the movie he does, and his belief in himself can create a better company that helps him modify his behavior and fulfill his self for filling prophecy.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is cynical. A self-fulfilling prophecy starts with a belief about something. This belief then influences the individual to alter their behavior consciously or unconsciously. The new actions of the individual while believing in the prophecy change the originally false idea into a true occurrence.

How Do Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Work?

Self-fulfilling prophecy follow something called the Pygmalion effect. This effect comes from a Greek poem Metamorphous about a sculptor that prayed or one of his sculptures to come to life and become his wife. The sculpture influences how his own reality by how he interacts with the sculpture.

Let’s review the example about the presentation above. When a person completes a presentation and is not success at it, it was probably because they were nervous and they didn’t believe In themselves. The self-fulfilling prophecy will have come to fruition. The embarrassment they feel and any negative feedback they receive will fulfill their belief that they do poorly in public speaking.

In other words, an Expectation about a subject such as a person or event can affect our behavior towards that subject which causes the expectation to be realized. For example a high school volleyball coach expect freshman to be less skilled, so she does not put them into play very often. When she puts them in, they are rusty and don’t do well, therefore fulfilling her expectations.

You can think of self-fulfilling prophecy as a circular pattern. Our actions toward others impact or beliefs about us, Which dictates they were actions towards us, which then reinforces their believes about ourselves. This in turn, Influences our actions towards others which brings us back to the beginning of the cycle. This pattern can be negative like the volleyball players, but it can also be positive.

Our actions and our thoughts whether positive or negative bring us to self-fulfilling prophecy. What we and others are expect from us. In turn changes who we are. If we expect positive things we will get positive results.

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