Personality Traits

Broadly there are five parameters whigh describe a persons personality.

An individual’s behavior towards other#, attitude, characteristics, it’s true mindset makes personality.

The development of our personality is defined as a process of enhancing one’s personality.

Following are five personality traits of an individual:

1. Openness to experience. Individuals with openness to experience are generally very active, have a tremendous inclination towards creativity and aesthetics and listen to their heart, and follow their inner feelings. Such individuals are generally open to new learnings, skill sets and experiences. People who high on openness are quite broad minded and modern in the outlook as compared to individuals are not. Such individuals are conservative, and reluctant to change and have a grad approach to life.

2. Conscientiousness. As the name suggests, individuals with a consciousness personality trait listen to their conscience and act accordingly. Such individuals are extremely cautious and self-disciplined. They never perform any task in haste and think before acting. People with this personality trait are generally methodical and tend to become perfectionists in the long run. They are proactive, goal oriented and self-disciplined. They strive hard to accomplish goals and objectives within a stipulated time frame.

3. Extraversion and Introversion.

  • Extraversion. Refers to a state where individuals show more concern towards what is happening outside. Such individuals love interacting with people around and are generally talkative. They do not like spending time alone but love being the center of attraction at parties and social gatherings. Such individuals love going out, partying, meeting people and often get bored when they are all by themselves. They admire company and hate being alone.
  • Introversion. On the other hand refers to a stat when an individual is concerned only with their own life and nothing else. Such individuals do not bother about others and are seldom interested in what is going on around them. They prefer staying at home rather that going out and spending time with friends. Such individuals speak less, and enjoy their own company. You would seldom find them in meetings, clubs, parties or social get togethers.

4. Agreeableness. Is a personality trait which teaches individuals to be adjusting in almost all situations. Such individuals do mot crib and face changes with a smile. They accommodate themselves to all situations and are friendly and kind hearted. They are ready to help others and flash a smile whenever a problem arises.

5. Neuroticism. Is a trait where individuals are prone to negative thoughts such as anxiety, anger, envy, guilt, and so on. Such individuals are often in a state of depression and do not know to enjoy life. They always look at the negative sides of life and find it extremely difficult to cope with stress.

Get to know yourself better. What traits do you have?

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