Gravity Free Living

Is seems like in today’s society we all have someone that weighs us down, problems, worries, fears, a million issues.

We think if we get rid of our problems we will get rid of our burdens. The truth is this world has problems, but there’s a secret to how to live a burden free life.

The problem isn’t that we have problems, it’s the gravity of the problem that weighs us down. We’re supposed to be living in the heavenlies, so the weight of the problem won’t weigh us down. Where there’s no gravity.

Get your life away from the earthly things. And you won’t be bound by the gravity of this world. Live in the spirit. Dwell in the heavenlies. Get your mind off the problem. Get your eyes on Gods and refresh yourself in the heavenly places.

Rejoice in heavenly treasures and you will find yourself free from the gravity of the world. You might have the problem but it won’t weigh anything anyone. He said, “ My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”

Dwell with the Lord in the heavenlies and your burden will become light. It all begins when you begin to dwell in the heavenly places.

Matthew 11:28-30

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