The Voice Of The Nahash

The Hebrew words for serpent or snake is Nahash. It sound like someone is whispering, Nahash Nahash . The word for snake also means the whisperer. Nahash. In the Bible,bother serpent is the symbol of the enemy. The enemy is a whisperer; he works in a subtle crafty way, in secret, in the darkness. The work of the enemy begins with a whisper. A thought that comes into your mind and you’re wondering, “How did that happen?” He doesn’t say it out loud. He whispers a little thing, a little idea. If you go with that, the whisper becomes a sin. The whisper becomes an action, the action becomes a habit, the habit becomes a lifestyle, and the lifestyle becomes a destiny. How do you fight the enemy? You fight him when that thing is just a notion, a whisper or a temptation. That thing comes in a whisper of anger, that whisper of lust, that whisper of doing what you know is wrong, you fight it. Drown it out when you hear that lite word of temptation. Speak the Word of God and you will drown out that whisper.

2 Corinthians 10:5

How about fighting sin today when it’s just a whisper, a thought, a notion. Drown it out at the beginning.

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