Displaying God’s Power

Have you ever enquired of God why He allows us to suffer? Have you ever wondered if it’s because you have said or did something wrong? Whenever something unexpected happens in our lives we look for someone to blame.

Such questions are valid, and reflect the human experience. However the Bible offers us a different perspective. In John 9 Jesus’s disciples had similar questions as they saw a man walking around blind. The Apostle John records Jesus’s response, and it was not what the disciples expected to hear.

Jesus and His disciples were walking through the streets of the city when they encountered a blind man. One of the disciples asked Jesus why the man was blind and asked who was to blame, his parents or himself. Jesus’s response put their confusion to rest, although it shocked and surprised them; it was not because of either persons sin, but so the power of God could be revealed through him ( John 9:3).

We can almost imagine the disciples standing there, looking perplexed by Jesus’s response. How could this man’s blindness display God’s power? How could this terrible situation bring glory to God? How could his life serve a higher purpose that what we see before us?

The blind man’s sight was completely healed, but his healing wasn’t immediate. He wasn’t healed when Jesus put on the mud, but only after he obeyed what Jesus instructed him to do. The blind man was healed when he chose to obey the command of Jesus to “go.” Without questioning or hesitating, the man went and his obedience resulted in not only his healing, but discovering a purpose from his pain.

This man may have lived his entire life feeling inferior, unloved, rejected, excluded and possibly believing that he had no purpose. But there stood Jesus, telling everyone that this man’s life could serve as proof of the power of God. But it only happened because of his obedience.

We often talk ourselves out of obedience, rather that trusting and obeying God’s commands to “go.” But when we walk in faith, true healing and purpose can begin to take shape in our hearts and lives.

What a world this would be if we ask caught a glimpse of how God wants to turn our pain into purpose m and use our lives as proof of His power.

John 9: 1-7

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