Power Over The Enemy

We are never more vulnerable than after our most recent victory. This is the axiom, and maxim of truth, that we see Jesus give His disciples after they find themselves distracted by a lesser goal that Jesus set before them. After all it was so easy to do.

Whether it’s temporary opportunities, criticism, or mundane tasks, Satan knows he doesn’t need to destroy us if he can distract us. He lets a few victories remain without a counter-attack, and when we let our guard down it tends to b after a major victory or achievement.

While Jesus was thrilled about the disciples’s successes and effectiveness, He also knew their vulnerabilities and wanted to keep them focused on the ultimate blessing. Yes we should be thrilled that Jesus does His work through us, but it’s purpose is for God to be glorified. That is why Jesus says to His disciples: “Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in Heaven.” (Luke 10:20).

Therefore if God uses you this year, like the disciples, rejoice! If you see the Spirit breakthrough by you using your gifts, thank God, be in awe at His greatness, and then humbly come before God, and remember the bigger picture: you are going to spend eternity with Jesus!

Rejoicing in temporary authority will on,y lead to the loss of joy when that authority is no longer experienced. Our joy should be primarily stirred up by everlasting realities. After all, authority, power, and success are fleeting privileges in this life. Relationships are to be enjoyed, but not worshiped. None of these can bear the weight of all our joy.

Set your joy first and Foremost in the heavenly place this year, where Christ is seated at the right hand of the Father. It is around His throne that all the Saints will engage in everlasting worship. And where you and I will take our place, when our time comes to be with Him forever.

Luke 10:16-21

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