Arrows In The Hand Of A Warrior

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.” (Psalms 127:4)

We are at war with the fallen values in our culture. Things like alcohol drugs,violence, pornography, immortality, and rebellion threaten to completely undermine the foundation of society. The key to change is found in our children. Children will become what we fashion them to be.

In the Bible, Solomon compares children to weapons – specifically arrows. Parents are to carefully form their children even as a warrior would construct fearsome “arrows.” A warrior’s future may depend upon the Accuracy and strength of each arrow. Arrows have three basic parts: the arrowhead, the shaft, and fletched (usually made of feathers). The arrowhead represents the child’s education, skills, and gifting. As parents we should insure that our children receive the best in their education opportunities. The shaft represents the child’s character. A good arrow’s shaft must be straight. No matter how Sharp the arrowhead, if the shaft is crooked, the arrow will always miss its mark. Even an inferior arrowhead on a straight shaft is better that a sharp arrowhead on a crooked shaft. The fletcher represent the stabilizing aspect of the arrow as it soars through the air. Without fletches, the arrow can twist, turn, or flip. Children need stability in their lives. That stability comes from a relationship with God. Most arrows contain three fletches that represents a relationship with the Father, with the Son, and with the Holy Spirit.

Inevitably, children will face situations in their lives that can throw them into a tailspin. Once a child leaves home the only solid relationship is with God that can give them stability in the tough times in their lives. An arrow is shot from a bow. The bow represents the direction, guidance, encouragement and blessing given to the child. Parents need to instill a sense of destiny into the heart of their children. Don’t point then toward a worldly goal. They need to be pointed toward the bulls-eye of God’s will for their lives. Parents are the warriors fighting for the next generation. Our children are our arrows. Don’t ignore the battle. We must do what it takes to fashion our children into arrows that will hit the Mark in their generation for God’s glory.

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