The Power Of A Single Prayer

Almost on a daily basis, we open the door of our hearts wide enough to be susceptible for anxiety and fear to walk in. It causes us to become stressed, distracted and focused on the wrong things in our lives.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. The apostle Paul calls us to live in a very different way. He calls us not to be anxious for anything. In the original languages the Bible (Hebrew), the word for anxious translates to distracted further illustrating the power of anxious thoughts. Anxiety magnifies our problems and minimizes our focus on God. It prevents us from seeing God’s power and sovereignty in the midst of our circumstances.

Paul, who had many things to be anxious about, was essentially waving a caution flag because he knew anxiety could take us down a dangerous path leading to fear, doubt and despair. When we are anxious, our minds are monopolized with worry, instead of consumed with God’s power and what He is able to do.

Paul tells us that the way to combat anxiety is a simple prayer first and make a conscious choice not to be anxious. It requires us to face every uncontrollable circumstance and possible outcome with confidence the God has the power to change things. We are encouraged to anchor ourselves to this truth. We have a choice to believe God is all powerful and always has a plan, even if the outcome is not what we desire.

Paul calls us to prayer, petition, and thanksgiving. These are fruitful ways to use our time, and when we choose to do this, we can experience the peace Paul describes. In short, we’re called to focus on a dependable God rather than worry about an unknown future. So open your heart and open your mouth today in prayer and let the peace of His power come.

Philippians 4:4-7

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